January 2018

美國晨曦會 2018 年 1 月號代禱通訊     董事會主席 Bill Leung
1. Gilroy 戒毒農莊:
美國晨曦會在 2016 年 11 月買下這間農場房子之後,因為過去兩個多月當中,幾乎每週下雨,我們發現房子內部有很多漏水之處,因為洩漏來自屋頂的不同區域,因此我們也無法進行修理。一直等到雨水暫時停止,就趕緊找人更換整個屋頂。之後,我們又聘請一專業公司去除房子牆壁與天花板上霉菌;正是在這個過程中,我們意識到乾牆背後有許多看不見的損失,因為該房子已經空置了一年多,雨水所造成的損壞很大。但是非常感謝上帝,因為祂為我們預備了一個有經驗的承包商。他的工作相當仔細不妥協,因此能夠很快地修復所有的牆壁內部的損壞部分。目前,我們正在
進行第二階段的內部整修工程。我們希望能在四月底之前完成,雖然 Gilroy 的房子翻新過程有許多的挑戰,但是通過這一切,我們學會了更加信靠我們的救主耶穌基督,祂是我們信心創始成終者。

2. 美西華人宣教大會 (CMC West 2017):
12 月 26 日至 12 月 29 日在洛杉磯安大略舉行的第三屆 CMC 西部會議期間,美國晨曦會在會場裡擺設了一個戒毒事工的展示攤位,與會的其他機構共有 70 個不同的宣教組織。我們參加的目的是要介紹戒毒的事工給更多的華人教會的弟兄姐妹,因為有來自世界各地的 3500 多名基督徒出席了會議,這也是展示我們戒毒事工的好機會,其中我們接觸到了許多需要被幫助的人的諮詢。

1) 請為建築許可修改過程能夠順利完成代禱,因為我們必須在建築許 可執照上添加更多變動的工作。
2) 室內裝修的工程能夠更有效率,並且及時地完成。
3) 加州政府許可的戒毒執照能夠順利的搬遷到新地點的申請批准。
4) 請為那些需要被幫助的人的諮詢能夠成為現實,為著那些戒癮的人 能夠順利的進入晨曦中心得著幫助來禱告。
5) 請為那些表示有興趣了解更多我們的戒毒事工或想與我們合作的教 會來禱告。
6) 請為同工謝冠廷牧師在寫教牧博士論文代禱,盼望神賜智慧、體 力。
7) 學員阿澄來晨曦之家兩年的時間,目前在食物銀行及保險公司上 班,這個月份會回到學校上學。請為他半工半讀和未來方向代禱。
8) 請為目前我們已在關懷的個案代禱,無論是直接接觸輔導的個案或 是電話接觸的個案,求神將得救的人數加添給我們。
9) 晨曦家屬團契每個月份在晨曦中心舉行聚會。請與謝冠廷牧師聯絡  Email:andrewkhsieh@gmail.com, 聯絡電話:(408)3620121。

美國晨曦之家全體同工敬上 2018 年 1 月 10 日

Operation Dawn January 2018 newsletter
by OD Chairman: Bill Leung

1. Gilory Farm House
We bought the house in November 2016. It was raining every week for over two months. There were a lot of water leakage into the house and we couldn’t do anything because the leaks came from different area of the roof. As soon as the rain subsided, we have to replace the roof. Then we had to hire a professional company to do mold removal. It was during the process that we realized there was a lot of unseen damages behind the drywalls. The house had been vacant for over a year and it had extensive water damages.

Praise God, He had prepared an experienced contractor for us. He does not compromise on his work. Now all the interior damages are fixed and we are on to the second phase of the remodeling: interior. We are hoping we can have it done by the end of April. The Gilroy house remodel project had a lot of challenges. Through it all, we learned to trust in our Lord, the author of our faith.

2. Operation Dawn at CMCWest 2017 During the 3rd triennial CMC West conference in Ontario from 12/26-12/29. Operation Dawn has set up a booth there, alongside with 70 other mission organizations. The purpose is to introduce our ministry to the greater Chinese church population. The conference was attended by over 3,500 Christians from all over the world. It was a great opportunity to showcase our ministry work. We received many inquiries of people who may need our help.

【Prayer requests】:
1) Please pray for building permit revision process to be smooth. We have to add more work onto the permit as we discover more work need to be done.
2) Interior remodeling can be done efficiently and timely.
3) Transfer of rehab license to the new location will be smooth.
4) Please pray that for those inquiries to be transformed into reality. Someone out there who needs help in substance rehab can join our program.
5) Please pray for follow up with churches who indicate an interest in knowing more of our ministry or wants to partner with us.
6) Please pray for our coworker, Rev. Andrew Hsieh to seek God’s wisdom and strength for his doctoral dissertation.
7) Student Alfred Cheng came to Dawn’s House for two years and currently works in food banks and insurance companies. He plans to go back to school this month. Pray for his internship and future direction.
8) Please pray three new cases who will be ready to come to our program
9) The Family support group will meet on a regularly bases each month at the Operation Dawn Center. Please contact Rev. Hsieh Email: andrewkhsieh@gmail.com, Tel: (408) 362-0121.

OD’s staff on January 10, 2018

美西華人宣教大會    美國晨曦會的擺設攤位

Gilroy 戒毒農場的整修工程  屋頂、外牆和窗戶換修進行

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