Our Mission


Our Goal

To Pass on the love of Jesus Christ for man, care for and counsel residents and family to achieve revival of the whole human being

  • Help residents and their family to understand how drugs can harm one’s personality, body, social life, family, and society.
  • Help residents to have the correct concept of health, and increase their willingness to accept treatment.
  • Restore residents’ relationships with others, re-enter the workforce, and regain hope in life.
  • Assist family members to understand drug culture, and understand the psychological states of drug users.
  • Counsel students and family on how to care and support one another.

Gospel drug rehabilitation

Gospel drug rehabilitation is to use The Gospel to release addicts from the confinement of sins. Without relying on medication or self-will – rather relying on God’s love; the truth and teaching of the Bible; the leadership and role model of recovered students; and encouragement between peers, Gospel drug rehabilitation help drug addicts to become reborn, into one of the God’s disciples.



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